Paolo Genta
Senior Developer


Milan, Italy
20 years


JavaScriptReactVueSQLHTML/CSSNuxtJSNextJSComplex Git WorkflowProject managementProject management


Italian: nativeEnglish: upper intermediate

About me

Skills in managing projects and teamwork, built up over years working as a self-employed professional or employee and project manager in the web area.

Experience of relationships with contractors/clients when presenting and negotiating projects.

Flexibility in organizing workload learned from the need to manage various projects simultaneously in order to meet clients’ needs.

All web projects were carried out by manually writing the code in order to achieve the best possible results, together with the utmost flexibility and possibility of integration within the most complex environments, obtaining a result that is in line with modern W3C standards.

Main areas of knowledge:
It all started with the love for web design, that evolved in the years to love for all frontend area, from HTML5 to CSS3 to Javascript Module Pattern to the modern Vuejs.

Then arrived the love for the lambda application, the power to serve API with easy and scalability, in Nodejs.

Actually, I work as a senior engineer for Condé Nast Italia ( https://www.condenast.it ).


Condé Nast Italy
Senior Software Engineer
Milan, Italy
Full time
June 2015 – Present

Work in CNE Condenast Global Audio, Video and Events group.

Before February 2022

Say hello to the brand new Condé Nast site, the gorgeous, tasty, cool La Cucina Italiana, US edition: https://www.lacucintaitaliana.com

Made in Nuxt.js, with the help of VueJs, a Node.js API layer to get data from the backend, it works in ServerSideMode to please Google and as a web application for the end-user.

Websites developed/maintained: https://www.vanityfair.it

#amazon AWS Lamdba
#amazon AWS Cognito
#amazon AWS Kinesis
#amazon AWS ML

DS Group
Frontend Developer
Milan, Italy
Full time
Feb 2015 – Sept 2015

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Software Developer
Full time
June 2012 – Sept 2015

Senior Frontend developer
Responsive Design optimisation.
Less framework to build CSS
Javascript (jQuery framework) / AJAX workflow
Javascript OOP, with Module Pattern approach
Javascript template engine Handlebars / Mustache
Twitter Bootstrap great promoter

Software Developer
Milan, Italy
Full time
Feb 2008 – March 2012
Seat PagineGialle
Software Developer
Milan, Italy
Full time
Feb 2006 – Feb 2008

Planning, organization and management websites.


Master in Software Engineering
Brunel University
September 2017 – May 2019
Master in Software Engineering
Brunel University
September 2013 – May 2017