Paolo Genta
Senior Developer


Milan, Italy
20 years


JavaScriptHTMLCSSVue && NuxtJSReact && NextJSAngularJS && NestjsSQLMongoDBGithub automationProject management


Italian: nativeEnglish: fluent

About me

Passionate full-stack developer with a knack for crafting pixel-perfect user experiences. Self-taught coder who started out designing websites for fun and fell in love with bringing ideas to life on the web.

Years of freelancing and project management have honed my skills in client relationships - from presenting concepts, negotiating timelines to delivering products that exceed expectations. Juggling multiple projects has made me an expert at prioritizing tasks and optimizing workflows.

I write semantic, accessible and lightning-fast code by hand to achieve the best results and seamless integration. An advocate of web standards, my work strictly follows modern W3C guidelines.

My journey began with a fascination for web design that evolved into a passion for frontend development. I create magic with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These days I build slick interactive apps with Vue.js and Node.js.

Serverless architectures enable me to rapidly build and deploy apps that scale infinitely. I'm a huge fan of leveraging AWS services to create robust cloud-based solutions.

Currently leading development of a multi-region event management system at Condé Nast Italia. The backend uses NestJS and MongoDB to power a federated GraphQL API.

Let's grab coffee and talk shop! I love collaborating with creative problem-solvers.


Condé Nast Italy
Senior Software Engineer
Milan, Italy
Full Time
September 2015 - Present

Work in CNE Condenast Global Audio, Video and Events group.

Create a service to inject data from global markets' events, to enable data team to perform data visualization and segmentation for marketing campaigns.(tech: NestJS Framework, MongoDB Database, federater GraphQL interface)

Create and manage components for all website around the world.
(tech: NextJS/React Framework, styled-component, APIs integration)

Before February 2022

Say hello to the brand new Condé Nast site, the gorgeous, tasty, cool La Cucina Italiana, US edition: https://www.lacucintaitaliana.com

Made in Nuxt.js, with the help of VueJs, a Node.js API layer to get data from the backend, it works in ServerSideMode to please Google and as a web application for the end-user.

Websites developed/maintained:

  • https://www.vanityfair.it
  • https://www.vogue.it
  • https://www.wired.it
  • https://www.gqitalia.it
  • https://www.lacucinaitaliana.it
  • https://www.ad-italia.it

#wordpress, #nodejs, #vuejs, #nuxtjs, #amazon AWS Lamdba, #amazon AWS Cognito, #amazon AWS Kinesis, #amazon AWS ML, #react, #nextjs

DS Group
Frontend Engineer
Milan, Italy
Feb 2015 - Sept 2015
Software Engineer
Milan, Italy
Full Time
June 2012 - Sept 2015

Planning, organization and management of clients' websites.

Senior Frontend developer
Responsive Design optimization.
Less framework to build CSS
Javascript (jQuery framework) / AJAX workflow
Javascript Module Pattern OOP
Javascript template engine Handlebars / Mustache
Twitter Bootstrap great promoter

Software Developer
Milan, Italy
Full Time
Feb 2008 - March 2012

Balgum was a great startup to promote prosumer video / film and distribute globally local film festival.

Planning, organization and management of corporate website.

Corporate websites:

  • Babelgum: http://www.babelgum.com
  • Elite Model Look: http://www.elitemodellook.com
  • Gold Typhoon: http://www.goldtyphoon.com

Seat Pagine Gialle
Software Developer
Milan, Italy
Full Time
Feb 2005 - Feb 2008

Planning, organization and management of corporate websites.

Main activities:

  • analysis and creation of website structure (WireFrame)
  • creation of XHTML web pages, optimized with CSS layout style for all browsers / media, with usability test
  • optimization of the layouts for the web world (with SEO optimization)
  • implementation of new functionality via JavaScript (jQuery AJAX library) and PHP code.
  • Graphics for web projects, in line with Web 2.0 standards
  • Creation of Flash animations for website support or integration

Projects developed:

  • Tuttocittà: https://www.tuttocitta.it
  • PagineGialle: https://www.paginegialle.it
  • PagineBianche: https://www.paginebianche.it